Monthly Reporting and Payment Schedule

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Below is the proposed schedule for monthly reporting and payments so that you are aware when reports are posted and can be claimed. Reports may often arrive late from partners and as such are added on to the next reporting period.

You can expect a report to be live on the last day of a calendar month to cover a month that passed 2 months prior. The reasoning for this is that it may take up to 60 days for Symphonic to receive payment and/or even statements and thus we need a month in between to ensure payment has been collected prior to paying out to you.

We’ve also included ESTIMATED POSTING DATES for your convenience.

January: Reporting / Payment: End of March (Est. Time: Mar 31st – Apr 2nd)
February: Reporting / Payment: End of April (Est. Time: Apr 30th – May 2nd)
March: Reporting / Payment: End of May (Est. Time: May 31st – Jun 2nd)
April: Reporting / Payment: End of June (Est. Time: Jun 30th – Jul 2nd)
May: Reporting / Payment: End of July (Est. Time: Jul 30th – Aug 2nd)
June: Reporting / Payment: End of August (Est. Time: Aug 30th – Sept 2nd)
July: Reporting / Payment: End of September (Est. Time: Sept 30th – Oct 2nd)
August: Reporting / Payment: End of October (Est. Time: Oct 31st – Nov 2nd)
September: Reporting / Payment: End of November (Est. Time: Nov 30th – Dec 2nd)
October: Reporting / Payment: End of December (Est. Time: Dec 30th – Jan 2nd)
November: Reporting / Payment: End of January (Est. Time: Jan 31st – Feb 2nd)
December: Reporting / Payment: End of February (Est. Time: Feb 28th – March 2nd)


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Artiste Of The Month

SEPT. 25 to OCT.24, 2018

Artiste 3 Chikie Photo Shoot


Recording Artiste / Songwriter Chikie Brown O/C Chikie Grainz, born Jan. 29, 1996, in Trinity Ville, St. Thomas, Jamaica one of the most brave parish on the Island. MOST newcomers in the music industry complain about the lack of airplay and limited opportunities. Despite the odds, rising deejay Chikie Grainz is ready to spread her wings.

Her incomparable style of Elegant Original Reggae, R & B and dancehall sends you back in time yet keeps you on the edge of today.
As an experienced professional performer Chikie Grainz knows how to engage her audience. She draws you in and captivates you with new and exciting original material presented like nobody else!

Chikie Grainz a Jamaican based vocalist, writer and Actress she has performed in various towns across the Island. Many have compared her vocals to Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw and Tifa.

She has been singing from the tender age of 5. Her first appearance singing in front of a large audience, was in her church In Jamaica, where she did a song she had written at the age of 6. In church, she knew that music will always be in heart and a big part of her life.
Chikie Grainz is no stranger to live theatre. She performed in numerous live plays as a member of her  Community Center. She received several leading roles in theatre productions, playing the part of fictional and non-fictional characters.

Her musical influences are that of the great Jazz artistes, Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman and Pam Hall. With a vocal range of three octaves, Chikie Grianz has the ability to perform a variety of styles and genres, ranging from Pop Reggae and Smokey Jazz ballads to belting out strong R&B. 

Chikie Grianz performed background vocals live in concert for Jamaica’s own “Roland Burrell” and comprised of session and touring and opened for such acts as Pam Hall, Brown Suga, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, and most recently Beres Hammond.

Chikie Grainz creates a custom package and performance to fit your occasion and budget. She is available to perform at your Weddings,Birthday Parties, Clubs, Private Parties, Hotels, Corporate Events, Lounges, Wine Bars, Anniversaries, Casino.

The St Thomas-based dancehall artiste is confident that her talent and work ethic will aid in her bid to become the next major female act locally.

“I’m ready to take my place in the spotlight. I have the talent, the image and the drive to make it. I’m going to be a star,” said Chikie Grainz, whose given name is Chikie Brown.

Having launched her career two years ago with the song Tek a Little Time (produced by Deano Dean Production), Chikie Grainz has slowly come into her own.

As she prepares to release Come After Come, Chikie Grainz is upbeat about the positive feedback to the song.

“My new single is hot [and]I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about it. Trust me, it’s going to burn up the streets. I think this is the song that’s going to give me that breakthrough in the music business,” she said.

Come After Come is produced by Lance Cockburn. It is to be officially released on February 1, 2018.

“This year is my year and I plan to go really hard. I’m working on a lot of new music for my fans,” she said.

Her other releases include Bad Gal and Fall in Love featuring J Deva

In addition to working as a solo-artist, Chikie Grianz is also available with the accompaniment of produced by Deano Dean Production and Bad Bad Citienz Entertainment Team of Artistes like Reggae Icon singer Roland Burrell, Knocklife, Jahvante Campbell, Romye and Cuz Diego.
All the credit to my production team from pushing my career,  God,  My Family, Fans and Deano Dean Production out of the U.S.A and Sexy Chikie Grainz Ent. from St. Thomas, Jamaica

1st single “Come After Come”
Released . 15, 2018
Deano Dean Production. (Received national airplay)
Distribution by Bad Bad Citienz Entertainment / SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION

2nd Single: “Little Time”
Released 2018
Deano Dean Production

(All Tracks are receiving airplay in the US, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, British Columbia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and France.)