Welcome to Black Organizations League & Development, BOLD 3 Basketball League, A Jamaican Official 3 on 3 Basketball League. Different Venue, Guest Artiste, Great Food, Full Entertainment for the whole family. Bold 3 is affiliated with FIBA 3x3 Organization. All Rights Reserved.

All Bold 3 Basketball League Games Will Be Streaming Live From B2TLive Live Sports Stream.


FIBA / Bold 3, 3x3 Basketball events are the ultimate in destination marketing. Here are two good reasons on the benefits of Sponsors:


1. The ball is in your court 

3x3 events put your Business centre stage, showcasing its appeal to a young, urban audience and beaming its landmarks around the world through broadcast, social media and marketing. That is real home advantage. 

2. Valued values

For sponsors and commercial partners, FIBA / Bold 3 3x3 events hit a real sweet spot. Delivering dream demographics, global audiences and high levels of fan engagement, they also offer an authenticity few other sports can match. Our values become your values, and brands want to buy in.


Half Court Full Throttle


3x3 is a whole new ball game – old-school skills in a fresh,

outdoor environment. Ultra fast, ultra competitive; small on

space but big on action. Guaranteed to get hearts pumping on the court and in the crowd.



From a Bold 3 League to the FIBA 3x3 World

Tour Final, anyone can play: men, women, boys and girls.

The FIBA 3x3 Individual World Ranking opens a pathway

that can take a player from the Bold 3 Basketball League to the stars. More play = more points = more opportunities



The basketball action does not end at the buzzer. Bold 3 events embrace the whole of urban culture, bringing sound systems, street dance, side shows and some of the most spectacular dunk contests you will ever see.



You don’t just play 3x3, you live it too. 3x3 is part of a way of life,

at the heart of the culture of the streets.


So when we bring the ballers to Bold 3, the party comes too. The DJs, the dancers, the artistes, the vibe. And the best parties have the most popular hosts. Sponsors, the media and the local community alike will all love what you are putting on, it is an authenticity you cannot buy.







It is usually difficult to find a company willing to sponsor an entire event. Wha usually works for a 3x3 basketball tournament is a sponsorship hierarchy that allows the needed funding and supplies to be split across a few sponsoring companies:

1. A main sponsor

2. Category sponsors/suppliers, typically:

a. Sports apparel

b. Sports equipment

c. Beverage

d. Food (Snacks, chocolate, etc.)


Due to the intrinsic ability of 3x3 basketball events to promote participation, community inclusiveness and youth engagement, public

authority programmes may have the available funding to support organisers who are willing to activate or tie-in their social programmes with the event. 


"About Us"

Black Organizations League & Development. (BOLD 3 Basketball League).

As an active tournament organiser, we organise national federation, school, university, local community centre, sports club, municipality, private event organiser or private company, you can organise a 3x3 basketball tournament and we will support you in organising a fantastic event too. 


3x3 basketball is an incredibly popular form of basketball played on playgrounds and in organised tournaments around the world. In 2010, FIBA decided to add 3x3 basketball as an official FIBA discipline as part of our mission to unite, develop and promote basketball, and in support of our vision to make basketball the most popular sports



FIBA-endorsed BOLD 3 Basketball League and their records show that BOLD 3 Basketball League is a registered 3x3 Organization since March 06, 2017 and with FIBA since 03 April 2017.


FIBA also organises 3x3 World Cup (Men and Women) for U18 and Open, every year. Since the qualification to a 3x3 World Cup is based on a country´s position in the 3x3 federation ranking, the activity of any 3x3 organiser such as BOLD 3 Basketball League heavily benefits the qualification chances for our country.


What are the different types of 3x3 tournaments?


* Stand Alone League

Stand Alone League played as a round robin with a final for the best two teams; all teams would have played at least three games and would have had great fun. Winner walk away with a Reggae Icon Trophy.


* Grassroots and Qualifiers Events

3x3 players anywhere in the world can come together to form a team and play in a FIBA-endorsed event with the potential to qualify for the higher levels of the game.


* 3x3 Tours

The best tours in the world are awarded a berth to the 3x3 World Tour.


* FIBA 3x3 World Tour

The city-based FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters series takes place across five continents to produce the 12 teams representing their city who contest the annual World Tour Final



Every two years, the sport’s leading nations in both the men’s and women’s game come together to fight for the title of FIBA 3x3 World Champions; whilst the U18 players have a yearly run on the World Championships.


* National-Team competitions (i.e. FIBA 3x3 World Championships)

Continental and other national-team championships give more countries a chance to host a premium 3x3 event as well as the national teams to sharpen their skills.


* International 3x3 Challenger

Brings together the best teams from multiple countries in an invitational event giving the winner a ticket to the 3x3 World Tour.



Each December, the best 3x3 players of the season bring

their teams representing a city to a one-day showdown

with a six figure in $ at stake.And the best dunkers bring

some air.


* School League

Bold 3 Grassroots School U15, U18,


* Summer League

The BOLD 3 Summer Basketball League season starts in the summer with the inaugural season beginning July 02, 2018. Regular season games will follow each Sunday for 10 weeks. Games are played on different courts in the best basketball venues in the parish of St. James. Individual player introductions add a new level of personality to this team sport.

There are 8 Teams of 4 players per team. The 8 week regular season will move into Week 9 playoffs with a boat ride after game party and the Week 10 championship with a back to school treat.



The qualification for the Olympic Game 2019

4 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2020

FIBA Continental Cup 2021 Qualifiers

Want To Get Your Songs Play On Bold 3 Basketball League Rotation? 

Rock, Urban Beats, Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, and Instrumentals are being licensed right now by Bold 3 broadcasters. Tracks must be well-produced and ready for inclusion in television programming. Sync fees may or may not be offered to the artist, all sync offers are decided by the network. You will earn royalties from your PRO. Placements may air on national TV and re-air in international territories also. Songs that air will be exposed to millions of viewers, let it be yours!