Dancehall Crosses by Ishahfari (Dancehall Single)


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Release Biography: 
Product: Dancehall Crosses (Single)
Artiste: Ishahfari
Product Code: WLS: 100S
UPC Barcode: 191079777891
Genre: Dancehall
One (1) Tracks
Duration: 4:08
MP3 and CD: UK Code: 0191079777891
Release Date: Jan: 08, 2021
©2021 Label: Water Lane Studdio / Nuhnail Production
©2021 Bold N Boasy Entertainment / Symphonic Distribution


Title:  Dancehall Crosses
Type:  Single
Catalog #:  WLS100S
UPC Code:  191079777891
Release Date:  2021-01-08
Pre-Order Date:  None
Number of Tracks:  1
Primary Artist:  Ishahfari
Composer: Denardo Williams
Composer: Carlton Brown
Composer: Tadgeray Johnson
Primary Genre:  Reggae
Secondary Genre:  Dancehall/Reggae
Release Price Tier:  Front
Track Price Tier:  Front
Explicit Content:  No
Record Label:  Bold n Boasy Entertainment
CLine:  2021 Bold n Boasy Entertainment
PLine:  2021 Water Lane Studdio / Nuhnail Production


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