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Greetings and thanks for choosing Bit2Music Multi-Media a division of Bold N Boasy Entertainment to serve your distribution needs – Bit2Music Multi-Media distribute in (NFT & UBI Style, Better Stream $0.01) & purchase with Cash or Cryptocurrency like, $Bit2MusicToken Bitcoin & More. https://bit2musictoken.club/store

While working with Bit2Music Multi-Media, you will be assigned a client rep (a real human) to plan your releases with. We work directly with stores so service is speedy, efficient, and lucrative! We will provide you with complimentary UPC and (or) register your ISRC (or) sell you a ISRC codes for tracking / publishing. We support our clients via Twitter, minds, steemit, crypto, Instagram & Facebook. When our clients mention us in any posts on social media with “distributed by @Bit2Music, @bit2musictoken or @boldnboasyent” we will repost / retweet.

The distribution fees are laid out in the attached agreement. It’s 80% to you, 20% to Bit2Music Multi-Media with no other charges unless you have us create artwork for you ($30 USD). Please also read below for a little more info.

Once you’re ready to execute the agreement, please send your full legal name and preferred company name (it can be anything you choose). Once this information is received, I am going to send you a digital contract that can be signed using your smart phone tablet or computer.

If your track has not yet been mastered, we can provide mastering through us here https://bit2musictoken.club/contact

We accept all submissions for distribution via sendspace, wetransfer, ftp or dropbox and expect audio files in wav in a zip file. Artwork is to be at a minimum size of 3000×3000 pixels, 300 dpi. Please number tracks with 01-, 02-, 03- and so on when submitting. The metadata form, attached, is also required. Only fill out the info you have, the rest will be provided by Bit2Music Multi-Media.

If you’d like to request a feature for iTunes reggae page, content must actually go live on the requested date. The iTunes genre pages always refresh on Fridays. All distributors submit their feature requests three weeks in advance of each Friday. One way around wanting a release live immediately is to have a preorder. These can go live within 24-48 hours after we receive all assets. Consumers may purchase and preview but not actually download the track or tracks until the release date. 1-3 tracks may also be selected as instant gratification tracks where the consumer will get those immediately prior to release date.

If the feature date on iTunes is something you’re not interested in waiting for, we can get music live within 5-7 days or you may choose a Friday release day in any upcoming week and be featured in our TGIF blast. For UBI Distribution that pay more, and many other promotion options provided here: https://bit2musictoken.club/contact

Once your sales/royalties reach a balance of $100+ USD, we will reach out for payment information. You may also request payment after 2 months if you do not meet this threshold. We pay out balances using either PayPal or direct wire transfer.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help! https://bit2musictoken.club/