Welcome to the December 2021 issue of Elite Soccer.

In this month’s issue we have a five more training ground sessions written by some of the leading managers and coaches in the British game.

We’re delighted to welcome David Moyes back to the magazine. His exciting West Ham side have been a pleasure to watch this season in the Premier League. He has shared a session that he and his first-team coach, Paul Nevin, use regularly with West Ham to encourage their players to impose a high press on opponents in the attacking third of the pitch.

Next up is another highly regarded British manager. Millwall boss, Gary Rowett, and his first-team coach, Paul Robinson, have penned a session that works on keeping possession and then encouraging players to transition quickly into counter-attacks.

Clinton Lancaster is the head coach of Watford Women and he has also shared a session that is focused on transitional play, but it is one that will encourage teams to get the ball out to the wide areas of the pitch as quickly as possible when launching an attack.

Former Aberdeen and Bristol City assistant manager, Tony Docherty, has written an attacking session designed to prepare teams to channel opponents into an area where they can win possession and quickly launch a counter-attack.

Meanwhile, Alan Keeling has drawn on the experience gained when taking his Brazilian Pro Licence to devise a training session aimed at getting players to attack an area of the pitch he refers to as the ‘Big W’. He believes this gives teams the maximum opportunity to score goals.

I hope you find that this month’s training plans will assist your coaching. We will return next month with five more sessions to help develop your team.


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