Blessed by Zeratza Kayim (Single Reggae)

ZKM: 001

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Product: Blessed (Single) - $0.99
Title: Blessed
Artiste: Zeratza Kayim

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Product: Blessed (Single)
Title: Blessed
Artiste: Zeratza Kayim
Product Code: ZKM: 001
UPC Barcode: 195039113804
UK UPC Barcode: 0195039113804
Genre: Reggae
One (1) Tracks
Duration: 3:32
Release Date: Jan 31, 2020
©2020 Label: Zeratza Music
©2020 Distribution: Bit2Music Multi-Media Symphonic Distribution

Title: Blessed
Artiste (s): Zeratza Kayim
Riddim “Instrumental” Courtesy of: Wanted Iconic Studio
Riddim “Instrumental” Name:
Instrumental Own By: Wanted Iconic
Composer (s) Names (s): Zeratza Kayim
Song Arranger: Zeratza Kayim
Song Written by: Michael Brown aka Zeratza Kayim
Background Vocal (s) by: Zeratza Kayim
Mix by: Wanted Iconic
Master by: Wanted Iconic
Recording Engineer (s) Name (s): Wanted Iconic
Studio Name (s): Iconic Studios
Instrumental Produced by: Wanted Iconic
Voice Produced by: Zeratza Music
Executive Producer: Zeratza Music
Voice Date: Nov 1, 2019
Compose End Date: Oct 1, 2019
Release Date: Jan 31, 2020
Genre: Reggae
Mood: Bless
Time: 3:32
ISRC: GBVZ72000005
©2020 Label Names (s): Zeratza Music
©2020 Distributor (s): Bit2Music Multi-Media Symphonic Distribution