Traxsource Enhanced Exclusive Promo Program

Here at Symphonic, we’re excited to offer our electronic music clients access to Traxsource’s all-new, revamped Enhanced Exclusive Promo Service program. Here’s everything you need to know…

Traxsource Enhanced Exclusive Promo Program

Here’s the rundown…

Traxsource’s All New 65% Royalty, Enhanced Exclusive Promo Service // Our electronic music clients who opt to offer releases initially as enhanced ‘exclusive promos’ to Traxsource get the benefits like:

  • Receiving a higher, 65/35 net royalty on sales during the Exclusive period (2, 4 or 8 weeks).
  • Selling your music at a higher price point, which means more revenue.
  • Enjoying the freedom to deliver only the releases you desire as exclusives. (There is no obligation or expectation for every release to be exclusive.)
  • Giving your releases a better chance of receiving premium featured positions.
  • Streaming your releases during the Exclusive Period on Spotify and other consumer based Streaming services (like Apple Music, Deezer, etc) for optimum Promotional Impact.

What does this mean for you?

‘Exclusive Promos’ on Traxsource have many advantages, the first being that they sell at higher price points. This price point coupled with their higher “Enhanced” royalty split for sales during the exclusive period provides an effective way to maximize income in the first crucial weeks of release.

Secondly, Exclusive Promos provide your Release with a greater opportunity to receive Premium Featured positions. Traxsource’s A&R team, through the curation tools they use, assigns a higher weight to Exclusive Promos within their system. Because of this, Exclusive Promos have a greater chance of being selected for Premium and coveted Featured Positions on placements like Weekend Weapons, Hype Chart, What’s Hot, Genre Essentials, Featured Releases and more.

To learn more about Traxsource, click here.

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